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Nyingma Lama

A Nyingmapa Lama surrounded by attendant figures with Guru Rinpoche above. Older in appearance, wearing the orange and red robes of a monk, he holds a folio book with both hands in the lap. The head is crowned with the lotus hat in the tradition of Padmasambhava. Atop an ornate throne and backrest he sits with the head ringed with a dark green areola of light. A small table holding a water flask, teacup and offerings stands in front. Four attendant figures and precious jewels and objects fill the forground. At the top center is Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava holding a vajra extended across the knee in the right hand and skullcup in the lap with the left. Attired in variously coloured robes he sits in a rainbow sphere emanating ribbons of rainbow light. Two lamas sit at the sides and two more are seated along the right side.

Dimensions: 17" x 10"; framed 26 1/4" x 19"

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